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Hello, I'm Ana, the girl behind the blog. dearanaaa originated as a place where I am able document the things that I think, the places I discover, the music I listen to, the adventures I go on, the books I read, and the people I meet along the way. This is the daily journey of a twenty something year old lover; a blog about living beautifully and the adversities that come included. I am so very happy you are here. 

I am a frequent lover. No seriously - I fall in love with something or someone at least five times a day. A few of the things I love include: Mindy Kaling, iced coffee, pretty fonts, Zayn Malik, creatives, kind people, tea, writing, my camera, internet friends, real life friends, twitter, concerts, traveling and my family.

I have contributed as a writer for She Did What She Wanted. To see my different posts, go here. I also manage a Her Campus chapter. You can view my contributing posts here

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Why so many a's at the end of my blog name?
To answer with complete honesty, I had to come up with a better username after I realized my love for Nick Jonas was going to fade. My old username was nicklover_04 (imagine that for a url).