8 Things We Should Say More Often

How are you?

We are so busy with what is going on in our own lives that we often forget to ask others about theirs. Of course, there are individuals who do not wish to share but it never hurt anyone to ask. Many times asking can mean more to someone than you might realize. And of course, asking how someone is can lead to an enchanting conversation. 


Thank you

Being thankful for situations, individuals, and/or experiences in life can be a big part of your happiness. Saying thank you to those individuals is also important. Say thank you to the person who held the door for you, gave you a flyer, asked how you were. Be appreciative of what others are doing for you. Be polite and be polished. Say thank you through a card, an email, or a text. Say thank you in best way you know how to.


Can I help?

Sometimes we get carried away with things that are surrounding us personally that we forget to offer help to those close to us and those who need it. There are many people who are afraid to ask for assistance. Being the first to offer is so kind. If you can, ask someone close to you if there is anything you can do to make their weight a little more lighter. I believe in good karma and I believe you will receive a lot. 


You're doing great! 

Encouragement is important. Letting people know that you appreciate what they are doing is important. These small but big gestures might be the thing that will allow individuals to keep pushing through. 


I know you can

Just like encouragement, letting someone know that you have faith in them is also important. There are times that even the slightest obstacle can pause someone from doing something that they love. Your hope in them can be that little push: the little push they need to do. 


It's okay 

I like organization. I like planning things ahead of time because I like knowing how those things will play out. As I grow, I realize that many times those things don't work out and as I continue to grow I also realize that it is okay. Even when things don't work out, that is okay. Wanting something badly and not getting it sucks, it does, but you can learn from that and do again. It is okay. 


I think I need help 

Just like it is important to be there for others when they need help, it is also important to ask for it when it is needed by you. Ask for help in family and friends. When it is something more serious or urgent, ask for help in different centers on campus or in your community.  There are so many resources for you out there. 



Lastly, say hello. Start new conversations with new people or people that are already in your life. Learn something about someone everyday. Build new friendships and relationships. Don't be afraid to communicate

Ana Rosa4 Comments