Be a Light

People say writers write when they are falling in love or falling out of love. I am not falling in or out of love with anyone but I am in a complicated love with life. 

This past week a shooting occurred in one of my hometowns. I moved around quite a lot growing up and San Bernardino was a place in which I stayed. It is a place where I grew and it is a place that I love. The events that transpired scared me greatly. 14 people lost a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, and a friend due to a senseless act of violence. It is okay now to say that I have not been the same since. I find myself thinking a lot about these individuals and their families; the lives they lived, the people who relied on them, the happiness they brought to others.

The world got a little darker for 14 families and although I did not know them personally, the world got a little darker for me. These events have reminded me to be grateful. To be grateful that my family was not harmed. To be grateful that I woke up this morning. To be grateful that I get to sit here and say that I am not okay after this.  

I know that I am not able to change the world and the evils that unfortunately come included but I am able to remind you and myself to be kind. I am able to find kindness within myself and share it with you because in times when life gets dark, kindness can be a light. Be a light. 

A GoFundMe page has been created for the families of those who lost their lives in my old town. If found in your heart, please donate here

"Though we are experiencing immense grief, we will not be paralyzed. We will continue to move forward and grow together as a community" - Mayor Carey Davis 

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