Being a First Generation College Student

As some of you may know I am currently a university student. If you follow me on social media there is a large likelihood you  have stumbled upon one of my various posts about finals and how they drive me crazy. I just finished my third year and will be entering my fourth year in three months. It is all so exciting and scary. 

I am a first generation student meaning I was the first in my immediate family to attend a four year university. My family and I find much pride in this. Along with the happiness, being a first generation student also comes with many difficulties. Let's list a few difficulties and a couple of things I wish I had known before:


1. Being Unaware

I had to learn many things on my own. This was an advantage and disadvantage for me. I learned everything as I grew and this helped me grow personally, academically, and emotionally. This would help me obtain skills I didn't have before. Although this is all good I made mistakes along the way. I didn't have anyone to turn to; to ask for guidance.  I learned on my own on the way 


2. Being Naive and Going Away

Since I was the first in my family I believed I had so much to prove for myself. One of the goals I had set was to move away but I was nowhere near ready to leave. I wanted to leave for the wrong reasons.  I wanted more freedom than what I was given when I was home. I was leaving for university ultimately but I was not driven by that. While being here I was forced to grow up so I believe that there was good in me being naive. Now that I older I am able to see this but I realize it was not the smartest idea.


3.  Finding a Support System 

There were so many things I didn't know, like how to study and where to go for different things. I was in a new campus surrounded by new people. I wish I had known that having a support system was something I should have done early on. It is so important to surround yourself around good people; people who will be there for you through the ugly and the beautiful.  It is also possible to find this support system through different resources and clubs on campus. Ask for this information, It is so important. 


4. Not Being Good Enough 

There were various times in which I thought I was not good enough, a little more than I would like to admit actually. It was hard and people around me were doing so good at adapting and other things and then there I was doing everything but that. This state of mind has so much power and  as soon as I realized that I stopped. I stopped believing I was not good enough because I was [am]. As soon as this changed I was able to perform better. I did better because I was a better me. 


5. Be a Little Greedy 

Be a little selfish. Think about yourself, your health, your grades, your time, etc. You are important so take care of you. There have been many times in which I shared my time and my efforts with others when I could have done things for myself instead, things like studying, Because I didn't I received outcomes I didn't like. I was not thinking about myself and I am important. Remember to be greedy. It's okay. 


6. Be Okay 

Be okay with what happens to you. All the troubles, worries, and happiness because it will all be okay. 



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