10 Things I Wish I Knew Before University

1. There is time 

I came into uni thinking I needed to know what I wanted in this life and that I needed to know now. Not only was this completely frightening but it made me so anxious. This is one of - if not the scariest feelings. I was young and naive and apparently wanted to become a doctor. The funny thing is I hate biology in every sense. Its a beautiful subject but its not my subject. I was taking  classes for a major that would lead me to a career I did not love, all because I believed I didn't have time. I believed I didn't have time to choose my life correctly. I didn't have time to figure out what I wanted in life, what made me happy. I was wrong. If you feel this way, you are wrong also. 

You have plenty of time to know what you want in life. Plot twist: you have your whole life to know what you want. During the years you spend in college, you learn about yourself and what you like. Please do not feel bad if it takes you longer than what you think it takes others. There is no definite time. You have time. 


2. Friends will come and go 

You move so much during university. You're changing settings literally; dorms, apartments, houses. You change classes every semester/quarter. All through this you will meet people. You will meet amazing people and you will meet people that make you want to cover yourself with a blanket and cry. You will meet people and get very close to them and sometimes these people will leave. You will also meet people that you never imagined would be a friend but end up being your best friends. All through this you must understand that it is okay because people come and people go.


3. It won't be easy 

This time in your life won't be easy. Things will get hard and you'll feel alone. But throughout this all you must remember that it will be okay and that you are not alone, you are adapting. This will likely be all new to you but soon will be old. You're going to figure out the ways you study better, the ways you organize yourself, time, and your life. You'll do better in some things and others will need practice. It won't be easy.. at first. 


4. It won't be hard 

This time in your life won't be hard either. You're going to meet great people and do great things. You're going to learn about different subject, academically and about yourself. You're going to experience things that will make you so happy. You're going to find yourself, parts of yourself anyway. 


5. You'll wish you stayed home 

I remember being 17 and wanting to go away as far as I could from my house. I thought I would find more happiness and freedom away from the people that cared about me the most. I look back now and wish I had a time machine to go to when I was 17 and tell myself how wrong I was. There are various times in which I wish I was home again. It all gets so stressful and it is during those times that I wish I was laying in bed next to my mom only steps away from my dad and sister. Its crazy to think I would do anything to be able to see my little sister grow and be next door. Appreciate your home and the people in it. You'll miss it when you're away.


6. You should keep in touch 

You should keep in touch with people you care about no matter the distance. You won't know what friendships are worth the while if you don't try. Keep in mind, some friendships will not last. You will realize that some friends were only your friends because you saw them 5 times a week for years and that is okay. But do not let this be what keeps you from keeping in touch. Call and send letters. Let them know you wonder about them and how they are. Reply to the ones who contact you. Say hello. I try not to regret too much in my life but I regret not keeping touch with people back home. 


7. You shouldn't take things for granted 

The home cooked meals, your bed, the arguments you had with your siblings.. these are a couple of things I never knew I loved until they were out of reach. 


8. You won't stop procrastinating 

This might be the most accurate point of the ten points I make throughout this list. Your procrastination may get better but it will not go away. You'll eventually know what ways help you study better and you will use these but you will also procrastinate, not because you want to but because you have various other things to do. You'll get better though, you will. 


9. It's time to grow up 

You will have bills and credit and homework and work and a social life. You're going to have to juggle all of these things while juggling your wellbeing and happiness. You're going to be busy and won't be able to go home when you wish. You're going to have to sacrifice a lot of things but good things will come from these sacrifices. You're going to be an adult not because you want to but because you'll have to. 


10. Life will be okay

It'll be grand actually. You'll learn about yourself and the things you love. You're going to have great nights with great friends. You'll have hardships and you'll overcome these hardships. You're going to cry and you're going to laugh. You'll learn to appreciate the things you didn't before. You're going to be alone. You're going to love. You're going to be okay.