Different Roles

It is actually crazy to think about the different roles you play throughout your life. You are not just a child or a student or a friend, you are so much more than that. You are made up of different things that you are doing, that you have done, and that you will do. You are made up of the experiences you have lived and the experiences you have forgotten. You are made up of the different interactions you have had and will have with different people. It is these things that are forming you and it is quite amazing. 

A discussion in my sociology lecture triggered these thoughts. I have realized that I manage a lot and these things are little parts of me, that are easy to manage at times but also hard. They all require different things from you. Your parents want you to do your best, your siblings want you to be a role model, and your friends want you to be loyal. You balance all these things and although you may not know it, it is so hard. You are incredible.


You are like the ocean: you are one body with so many different shades.  


I am a







One Direction fan (this may be the hardest)

20 year old

[an] adult while remembering that I am also a kid 


These things are not only who I am because there is so much more to me and there is so much more to you too. I just wanted to say how cool I think you are for being able to manage everything that you are managing in your life now. Although there are times that the roles you play become hard, remember that you are the ocean: big and able


What are some roles you play in your life? I'd love to know below.