How to Keep Yourself Organized

Winter quarter has started and this may be one of, if not the busiest quarters of my undergraduate career. I am very excited about it (and also scared). I've always liked being busy to be quite honest. I like the sensation of rushing from place to place and having my days planned ahead of time. For the next nine weeks I will be hassling five classes, a part time job, three clubs, and a possible internship. I know I am not the only student doing so. So many of you have busier schedules and so I thought I would share with you the ways I like to keep my life organized. 

Disclaimer: just because I consider myself organized does not mean that I am not a mess. I'm actually quite the mess but I enjoy being a mess. I like to think it adds character.



Google Calendar  

I am an avid user of google. I use google mail and google drive and google search to help me with my everyday life. I also use google calendar. Google calendar sat in my account, lonely, for the longest time. I never knew how or why to use it. By my second quarter as a freshman, I decided to input my classes in the weekly schedule and connect the account to my phone, that way I would receive alerts 10 minutes before I had to be in class. It was one of the most helpful things. As I continued in my education, I used google calendar more frequently and now I can't live without it. I continue to add my classes alongside my work schedule, meetings, and appointments. It isn't necessarily an agenda but I am able to plan my days in hours or minutes. I continue to have it connected to my phone, so I still receive alerts 15-20 minutes before I have an event. 



I have always been a big fan of planners. Though I use google calendar to tell me where I'm supposed to be and when, a planner serves better to help me remember what I'm supposed to do; its more detailed. I struggled a lot with time management during my first years of college. I struggled with not knowing when things were due. My transition from high school to college was essentially very difficult but planners were a great help. My current and latest planner is the Kate Spade large agenda planner. I've been using this planner since last year, because it contains 16 months rather than 12. I love it. I love the space and I love how pretty it looks. I wrote a post about my planner and how I like using it last year. You can find it here: My Planner 


Sticky Notes 

USE STICKY NOTES. They are so helpful for small important reminders. Stick them on your walls, next to your desk, on your mirror, on your roof. Stick them to the back of your phone case, in front of folders, on your laptop. Stick them on your forehead, basically. There is such a large range of sticky notes. Some of them are cute, big or small, white or bright blue. I like to put sticky notes everywhere. The area where I use them the most are around my desk. I usually use them to put up small requests, like calling someone or doing something before I leave my apartment. They are also golden for inspiration. Write a quote on a sticky note and put it somewhere visible to you. Look at it, read it, love it, and learn.  


One Drive 

One Drive is a place on the internet where you can keep files and pictures while having the ability to access them from different computers, phones, and tablets just by logging in. I mainly use One Drive for photos but occasionally add documents. I hate printing paper, so this is a friendly substitute. Because I am an Office 360 subscriber, I get unlimited GBs but you can receive 15 GBs for free just by signing up, which is so good to me.

Story time: My laptop that I had been using for over 3 years recently broke. I had so many photographs but I luckily backed everything up on my One Drive a little before our final goodbye. I'm so happy I did because I'm still able to access most of those pictures now. Just like I used One Drive to backup my pictures, I have also used One Drive for projects and documents: mostly because I'm paranoid I may lose the document and I'm always up for the reassurance. 


Your Electronics 

Your phone and laptop can be so helpful (though also distracting). I like to use my phone to take pictures of last minute notes in class that I couldn't fully write down or type on my laptop. My laptop also has sticky notes, so I like to write down quick reminders on that as well. 


Small Journals 

la la love small journals. I always carry one in my bag, mostly because I never know when I may get an idea to write or when I have to write something in general. Many of my friends argue that a small journal or notebook isn't necessary now that phones are available and easy to use but they're also able to be damaged and I like to play it safe. Depending on what it is used for, I have small journals for different things. This month, I've only been carrying a small journal that was given to me as a gift by my sister. So far I have used it to jot down things in meetings and a place to write my blog activity and post ideas. Its black and has a small gold bicycle in the center. I think its one of the cutest things ever so I like showing it off (sorry but I'm not actually sorry) (something so cute needs to be shown). 



These are only some of the ways I have and hope to continue trying to control my life and schedule. I'm so excited for these next nine weeks. I'll let you know how they play out.


Have you ever used any of these methods to organize your schedule? Do you plan on using any of these sets of advice? Let me know in a comment below, I'm always happy to hear what you have to say.