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Update - 7:20 am - Jan 15th
Lewis actually tweeted me letting me know he read my post. I am so overwhelmed with happiness and love. Thank you, Lewis. 


I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with Lewis Watson. It has actually been a crazy ride. I found Lewis on YouTube a couple of years back. He is absolutely wonderful and his music - even better.


Lewis Watson is an English artist who started his musical career under HolyLoowis on YouTube during 2010 where he currently has 84,322 subscribers. From there he actively posted musical covers and original songs. During 2012 he released his first EP series, "Its Got Four Sad Songs on it BTW" and "Another Four Sad Songs".  They aren't all sad though, they're more great than sad. After those EPs he released his third EP "Into the Wild" after being signed as a Warner Bros. recording artist. During 2014 he released two more EPs, "Four More Songs' and "Some Songs With Friends". These EPs included various songs like Into the Wild, Sink Or Swim, Nothing, and Droplets ft English artist Gabrielle Aplin. Last year, Lewis announced and released his first debut album "The Morning". This album contained new songs and songs from past EPs. 

Lewis is such an amazing songwriter and has such a beautiful and unique voice. He has been touring on and off, opening for artists and playing small gigs since his career began. This past year he toured North America playing songs from his debut album. I wasn't able to go (and I am so sad about that still) but hope to see him soon. 

Four Favourite Songs: 

Goodness, everything Lewis Watson has covered, written, or sung is my favourite. "The Morning" is such a great album. I feel it highlights his voice so well and the fact that it is only his first album makes me so excited for whats to come. 

Disclaimer: These are my interpretations of my favourite Lewis Watson songs, nothing I write is the truth, rather the way I see it. 

1. Outgrow

I've always had a sense of melancholy when thinking about my childhood and growing up, mostly because of time and how fast its gone and continues to go. Though it is a type of sadness, its a beautiful type of sadness. If there was a song to describe this feeling, outgrow is definitely that song. There's a lyric in this song that goes "When was the last time we stayed up to count the stars?" This is so beautiful to me and captures the concept I hold the song to perfectly. We so often grow that we forget the little things that made us smile while aging, like counting the stars, and we should hold on too that, even just as a remembrance. 

2. Holding On

Holding On is such a beautiful song to me as well. I find this song to be about grasping onto something so tightly but not knowing why. Why are you putting so much effort into something that might not be worth the time? It may have mattered a lot or too little but whats the point in the end? "I'm holding on so tight it hurts, so why are we holding on?" Why are you holding on to a relationship that only gets worse? Why are you holding on to an idea that you know won't make you happy? Why are you holding on? How much longer do you have until you fall?

3. Nothing

"I'd be more of a morning person if I got to wake up next to you" (blushes). Nothing was one of Lewis' first original songs and appeared in his "Its Got Four Sad Songs on it BTW" EP.  "Take my hand and I'll show you the way. Look me in the eyes and tell me that you feel the same and if you want to run awayI won't hesitate because I'd have nothing if they take you away." It's self explanatory as to why I love this song, to be honest. The lyrics are good enough to make me cry. 

4. Halo 

Do you know those songs you listen to that immediately pull your heart strings and make you feel a certain way, a chaotic type of way? This song is one of those songs. Halo has such an incredible meaning to me. Its a feel good type of song that reminds you how beautiful you are as a person; that no matter how alone you feel, there is someone who contradicts this feeling and essentially thinks of you as an angel.

"Its a wonder you don't know how wonderful you are, so maybe I should show you now." 

5. Into The Wild 

I know this is only supposed to be four songs but please listen to Into The Wild. That's all. 

Keep in mind that though I only posted four songs (five technically), I actually love more than only those. Quite frankly and to be honest, I love them all. 

via CJ Harvey   

via CJ Harvey 


You can see Lewis talk track by track about the meaning behind his album, The Morning, here: 


Lewis is such a great singer/songwriter that I hope and know will only grow from here. His debut album was so beautiful, I personally cannot wait for whats next (no pressure, Lewis).

If you have enjoyed Lewis and his music (I sincerely hope you did) you can follow him virtually: 

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+ if you did in fact enjoy Lewis Watson and his music, let me know what were your thoughts in a comment below. If you already knew about Lewis and his incredible music, whats your favourite song?