Yesterday was a day of self-discovery. In all honesty, everyday is a day of self-discovery. You learn a little about who you are as you grow. Every experience, every person, and every event in your life are 'chunks' and these 'chunks' are creating, forming, and shaping who you are. This is something I learned. Here are a couple of others things I learned about living a little more beautifully on my day of self-discovery: 


Be willing

Wake up every morning with a sense of "I can" and "I will". Attitude, though it may not seem like much, is everything. Be ready for the day that waits ahead. Be ready for the life that waits ahead. Gina Rodriguez said recently, "My father used to tell me to say every morning, ‘Today’s going to be a great day. I can and I will.’ Well, Dad, today’s going to be a great day. I can and I did.” You also can and you also will. 


I attended a panel last night in which a couple of entertainment professionals came to speak to a room of about 60 students who were looking to one day be in a similar field. After one of the panelist answered the question about the path that lead him to the career he obtains now he added, "travel." Travel because you can right now. Go before life gets busier and there is no time. Explore the unexpected, live others cultures, meet different people. Yes it's true that you learn in school and that you'll learn in the career you will one day have but you also learn while traveling. You learn about yourself and you learn about the world. The knowledge you gain while traveling is just as valuable as the knowledge you gain in class. So if you can, travel and travel wide. 

Work hard 

Things will not fall on your lap. You need to work to have those things + if it's something you enjoy, it shouldn't be difficult. Go the extra mile when doing something. Do your research. Speak to others. Network. Communicate. Every opportunity you have is an opportunity to work hard. This hard work will be shown in the end, to you and to others. 

Take risks 

I like being comfortable. I like knowing what's going to happen when it's going to happen. I like organization. I also like spontaneity.  I like being uncertain and having no idea what's going to happen next (every once in a while). The moments I've taken risks have been some of my most anxious moments but have also been some of the moments I have loved the most. It's these risks that make life amazing and fun. Take risks by yourself and with others. What will happen if you don't plan that road trip you've been wanting to go on but just go? Just go. Just do. 

Be open 

Be open to meeting new people and doing new things. Be open to new experiences. Also be open minded. Think about things in a different perspective. You'll learn so much about yourself and about the other perspective. You might enjoy the other one more than the way you think now but how will you know if you never try, right? 

“Before it is too late, go out there and find someone who, in your opinion, believes, assumes, or considers certain things very strongly and very differently from you, and just have a basic honest conversation. It will do both of you good.” 

Do not burn a bridge

You have a goal. You want to get to the door that opens that goal. But sometimes that door won't open and you'll be waiting. But sometimes you'll turn around and down the hall is another door that does open. It may not contain your ultimate goal but it does contain a bridge. Don't burn that bridge, walk over it. Every door is an opportunity. Open it. 

You cannot change your past 

During the panel last night a student asked a panelist what was one thing they could change if they had the opportunity to change something from their past. His response? "You can't change the past. So is there something I would change from the past if I could? No." You can't change the things you've done in the past. Stop dwelling. You can change the way you do things in the future, so if that's something you'd like, do it. 

Be bold 

Be bold. Be creative. Be striking and be bright. Go after the things you want and don't be afraid. Take risks with confidence. Be fearless. Live beautifully. 

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