Destress During Finals

Final exams are coming up for many of us. This time tends to be a stressful time that fills you [us] with anxiety and fear. I, from first hand experience, know how terrible it can feel. I am presently a university student and have realized that this feeling never actually stops or goes away but I have found that it lightens if you make it better. I am a big advocate for self love. Remember to love yourself through these times. Here are a couple of ways to destress during finals. 



Passing your exams is important but so is sleeping. Rest. If it can't be during the night, sleep during the day. If you have no time to sleep, take naps here and there. Sleeping is essential. It will prepare for your day + you won't be walking around campus like a zombie. 

Drink coffee 

Even if you slept, drink a small cup of coffee (or tea) before starting your day. It'll be warm (unless its iced) and it'll make your heart happy. If you are not a coffee lover like I am, make yourself a smoothie filled with nutrients. Just like coffee, it will make your day better. 


Sit in a quiet place, cross your legs, keep your back straight, go on Spotify and play soothing sounds, close your eyes and breathe. 

Give yourself breaks 

Give yourself time and space to not think about what you are studying for. Go on social media, eat a snack, watch something on Netflix, listen to your favourite playlist. Studying consecutively for hours without breaks will not be as effective as it would if you take breaks. 


Clean? Ana really? Yes! I have realized that I am more inspired to study in a place that looks beautiful rather than a place that is clustered. Clean the area you plan to stay in for a large amount of time and tidy up.

Get physical 

Go out for a run. Get some fresh air. Go to the gym with a group of friends. The desperation you may have because of finals can be released with a nice jog. Get moving and go shopping. Put on 1989 by Taylor Swift and have a dance party in your living room. Shake it off. 

Treat yo self 

Reward yourself after you've studying for a certain amount of time or you've memorized and understood an important concept. Take a long bath and listen to your favourite album. Treat yourself to nice things, it will motivate you to do more. 

Make things 

Get crafty! Go on Pinterest and get creative. Make a calendar to remind yourself of important dates during finals week. Decorate parts of your desk, take a picture, Instagram it, turn your phone off, and study. 


Good luck. I know you'll pass them all.