Celebrate Yourself

As I was walking to campus this morning, exhausted, which is in fact something I have felt a lot lately, I realized how strong I am as a person. Juggling classes, two jobs , an internship, different clubs, and a site all while striving to live as beautifully as I can is exhausting. It is exhausting and it is beautiful. Lets just say my life has been delightfully chaotic these past weeks. All through this I have realized how good I am at managing all these things and I love myself for it. 

Thinking positively about yourself is important. Celebrating your achievements and making new goals is important. You are important. Just like me, you are also handling many things in life (or so I'd imagine). You may be juggling school and work and friends or a career and a relationship or an addiction to Netflix while taking exams. I want you to know how great of a job you're doing.. even if you currently do not see it that way. 

I am lucky to have parents who shower me in sets of advice as I continue to grow and there is one set that I would like to share with you. Everything you are doing now, as exhausting as it may be, will be worth it in the end. Your end can be a week from now or maybe three years from now but regardless of the time, it will be worth it. This way of thinking has its own way of lifting even if the tiniest bit of stress. It is a constant reminder that everything you are doing now is valuable and will be valuable later. 

As exhausted as you may be, it is important to celebrate yourself, your victories. and your strengths while you are working towards that something. Celebrate yourself weekly, monthly, yearly (though I guess that would count as your birthday). Celebrate you because no one is more important than you. 

I think you are great. Cheers to that! 

Ana Rosa5 Comments