Day Trip In Dover


During September of last year my friends and I decided to take a trip. We had only arrived in London two weeks before but we were anxious to start traveling and decided to go somewhere close so we went to the shores of Dover. Dover is a small town in Kent and a sea away from France. How cool is that? Very.

Me and a group of ten others who would soon become best friends left for Victoria Station in Central London at 9 AM. We boarded the Southeastern train tired and half asleep toward Dover Priory. The good thing about being on a train for two hours with friends is that you can fall asleep with ease and not worry because there's always a friend who stays awake and alert. During this trip, that was me. 

We didn't really have a plan set as to how our day would go but we knew we wanted to visit the White Cliffs of Dover and the Dover Castle, one of England's oldest strongholds. I love knowing when and how things happen but the uncertainty of traveling made it all the fun (with a bit of stress but never too much to handle).

Our first stop was the center of Dover. We walked around and made our way toward the sea but stopped quickly at Pencester Gardens where some of us had a pint of beer and some a bucket of KFC. We also visited St Mary's Church where we were welcome to come inside while the team organized and prepared for an event later that day. They were so nice. That's one of the things I discovered while being in London. I never quite understood why people said British people were cold. I thought they were lovely. 

Our second stop was the sea of Dover. Dover is a port town so the sea is home to ferries and boats delivering and receiving goods and people. My friends and I traveled to Dover again later that year to get a ferry from London to France. 

Now satisfied and wide awake, we walked along the sea of Dover, our feet on the pebbled floor and our eyes full of wonder. 

Before we made our way up the cliffs we stopped for some ice cream. Ice cream is always a good idea and the weather was nice. As we would soon come to find, the weather in the UK is so unpredictable and as we ate our ice cream, the sun went away and we were greeted with rain. The walk up to the cliffs was more of a hike. If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Dover I recommend you pack your best pair of hiking shoes. I wish I knew that then but I didn't so I was left with a pair of my favorite booties covered in mud and dirt. Oh and very sore feet. We walked a lot. I'll emphasize that again.. a lot... but it was okay because the view was enough to make you forget about your tired body. You don't see a lot of green scenery in Southern California. We also just spent the last few years in a drought which explains why that would be but green was all you saw as you walked along the edge of the cliffs. Green and the glistening light blue of the sea. I'd do anything to see that again. The Dover Castle was also evident from up above though we didn't actually get to visit because it was in the opposite direction where we were heading. The people of Dover recommended we walk East toward the South Foreland Lighthouse and so we did. It took us an hour or so but we made it to the lighthouse and next to it the cutest small cafe where we sat and drank a cuppa and ate some tarts. The tea and rest were nice and necessary and before long we made our way back down the hill to catch our train back to our flat in London. 

Being able to travel to and visit Dover was a dream. A couple of hours is all you need to make a day trip and some friends to make it the best time. Happy days.  
Below you'll find a couple of photographs of our trip and at the end a small video. 





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