I love my skin but despite this I didn't take care of it for a long time. I was definitely the person that slept with her makeup on after a long day and washed it off the next morning. I had no idea what exfoliating meant, let alone actually do it. All I knew was that I had oily skin in my problematic area which I found out (via youtube videos) was my t-zone. I had so much to learn about my skin and the ways to care for it. I became more aware of this when I turned 20 and I think that was pretty normal. As you grow older, you realize you should be putting more importance to things that might not have mattered as much before. All I had to worry about when it came to skin care during high school was that I needed to wash my face, not because it was good and necessary for my skin, but because I had to reapply makeup the following day. I'm being completely honest when I say I don't remember moisturizing my face throughout high school. I know, I'm screaming too.

Not taking care of my skin resulted in large pores that I never bothered to care for and break outs that were unbearable. So I decided it was time to look into a skin care routine that worked for me. Since then, I've used countless of products that I can't be bothered to remember. Some worked. Some didn't. Skin care is really about figuring out what works for your skin because we're all different. And the fun thing is that though I have found products that work for me, I'm still learning about my skin and what it likes everyday. No seriously. Just today I found out that I don't only have oily skin but dry skin as well and it was so shocking to me because I was so certain that my face was always dripping in oil. #YayForCombinationSkin


So here are some of the products I've been using that I + my skin have loved. I've used these products for months so I stand by them and the work they do but again, these are products that have worked for my skin. We don't all have the same skin type, please remember this. 

I love Kiehl's. It is by far one of my favorite skin care brands. I took a trip to the store in Covent Garden today to check out some of their other products and came out with two. I'll talk about them in a little. 




I've been using Dark Angels and Cup O'Coffee from LUSH for about two months now and I love them. I'm happy to say that my skin agrees.

Dark Angels is an exfoliator/cleanser made for normal to oily skin. It has 4 main components: powdered charcoal, rhassoul mud, organic cold pressed avocado oil, and rosewood oil. The charcoal works to exfoliate and rebalance your skin. The mud works as cleansing + softening elements for your skin. The avocado (#yum) oil nourishes and hydrates your skin while the rosewood oil lifts dirt particles from your skin. Dark Angels also contains brown sugar, which is great as an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin. 
I use dark angels once or twice a week and when I do, only a little amount is needed. The product consistency is very dense, so before applying, you need to add a couple of drops of water to your palm and mix it into a paste. I then apply it to my face, scrub in a gentle circular motion, and rinse with warm water. I pat my face dry and continue with my moisturizer. 

Cup O'Coffee is also an exfoliating mask, though it is very different from Dark Angels. Cup O'Coffee contains coffee infusion (of course, the name says it all) that gives the mask an amazing smell of coffee. If you aren't a coffee person and/or cannot stand the smell of coffee, steer clear of this product. It also contains vanilla absolute that helps settle the overwhelming smell of coffee, creating the perfect balance. This mask also contains vetivert oil that helps restore and relax your skin. Unlike the first product, this is a mask, so LUSH recommends you leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes.
I put  this mask on my face one or twice a week and apply a generous amount when I do so. I love coffee so I love this mask. I leave it on for about 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes have passed, I dampen my hands with a bit of warm water and lather the product into my skin in gentle circular motions. Cup O'Coffee also contains ground coffee that works amazing as an exfoliant factor. I rinse with warm water and pat dry, applying my favorite moisturizer at the end. Have you ever heard the expression: my face feels like a baby's bottom? That's what my skin feels like every time I use this mask. So soft. 



This is Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion and I love it. It contains Amazonian white clay that helps control the excessive oil in your skin. Though it is a moisturizer, it is specifically made to minimize large pores, which is something that I battle with. It has a very light consistency and is easy to spread throughout the face. I apply it in the mornings, before bed or anytime I wash my face. I've been using this lotion for about three months now and have noticed a big difference with my pores. They appear visibly smaller and my makeup goes on so much better. I don't vouch for many products but I would definitely call this one of my holy grails. I'm obsessed. 



I use this Argan Oil from Advanced Clinicals that I found at a local store in my hometown before traveling to London. I am such a big fan of Argan Oil, especially when it comes to my hair. It was actually the only place I used it before applying it to my skin. Argan oil is great for tightening and firming your skin. It also reduces the look of wrinkles. Though I'm only 22, wrinkles are not something I'm worried about now, but I do love the dewy look the oil gives my skin after applying my makeup. 

Applying oil on my skin was something that I wasn't sure about doing because I already have oily skin. My thought was that I was going to make my skin more oily because I was only adding more oil to the oil that was already on my skin but I was wrong. Oils, like argan oil, also contain many vitamins that help protect, heal, and moisturize your skin, even if it is oily and plot twist, it doesn't make you more oily.

I apply argan oil on my skin before I apply makeup and after I apply my moisturizer. I've been using this oil for about a month now and my skin has loved it. As I mentioned above, it makes applying my makeup so much easier and smooth. 





I love trying new skin care products, especially if they're tailored towards my type of skin. I was having a tough day today so I decided to go out to my local Kiehl's store and check out some of their other products. I love the Kiehl's lotion I'm using now so I thought I would look at the other products they have that contain amazonian white clay because of my oily skin but instead I ended up learning more about my skin. Upon entering the store, the Kiehl's worker asked to test the oil levels on my face to determine which parts were oily and which were not, because the amazonian white clay line works best for oily skin types. I found out that the t-zone on my face is very oily but the areas around my face, like my cheeks, are normal. In other words, I have combination skin. I sat with the woman working at Kiehl's and talked about what products would work best and why. After 30 minutes, I decided to try their Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash and Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. The deep cleansing foaming face wash is a daily face was that works great with sensitive skin. Because it is for sensitive skin, it is very gently and helps balance the texture of skin. My skin has been doing very well lately and I haven't had as many breakouts as I used but I do have a lot of discoloration and marks because of old breakouts. The dark spot solution helps correct and reduce the discoloration of the skin and any dark spots left because of old breakouts. It states to work on all skin types so I'm excited to try it out and let you all know the results.

PSA: I know I talked a lot about Kiehl's in this post, making it seem like it may have been sponsored but it was definitely not.I just really love Kiehl's. 

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