Everyone knows that coming abroad means traveling while you're not studying. I knew this but I never thought it through. What I've learned so far is that booking trips is one of the most stressful things a human (or at least me) can do. Regardless of the tears shed while trying to find the cheapest flights with 5+ other people, the trip I booked to Ireland was the best thing I have done so far. 

Going to Ireland for a weekend was very spontaneous. A friend of a friend told us they booked a trip and 10 minutes later I was receiving my confirmation email. It was all so exciting. 

I've always had a fascination with Ireland. It was actually the only other place I wanted to visit during my stay in Europe. It all started with media. Movies like P.S. I Love You, artists like The Script and Kodaline and Gavin James, google searches of sights like Dublin and the never ending green scenery along the coasts. And of course I can't forget the Irish accent. We arrived in Dublin the 8th of September without a list of things to do. We knew of places to visit but we didn't have a plan and though at the time that seemed like a bad idea, I'm happy we didn't. Things happened as they did and it was incredible and it was even better because it all happened so unexpectedly. 

I was in Ireland long enough to actually take in the people and the atmosphere. For one, the people are beautiful. There is no other way to describe them. They were kind and helpful and willing. Ireland was also calm. Living in London makes me feel like I have one thousand things to do all the time and no time to do them. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling busy but it is so nice to be in a place that makes you feel so serene. Ireland did that for me. Ireland also had an extraordinary ambience. Regardless of where we went, there was always a sense of unity. My favorite part was walking around Temple Bar. There was never silence when you entered a pub. Instead, you were welcomed by singing and though it may have been the alcohol, the people were so much fun. How can a building full of people singing to live music not be magical?

It was and I loved it. 

We also visited the Guinness Storehouse while we were there. Once inside, we followed the journey of how the drink is made through a self guided tour and at the end we crafted the perfect pint; in other words, we poured our own Guinness in a pint glass from the cool machine thing that bartenders use behind the counter. We also visited the Gravity Bar, which is on the highest floor of the storehouse with an amazing view of Dublin. In all honestly, the view made me swoon. We later made our way to a small pub called The Stags Head. If you ever have the chance to visit Dublin, please stop by and try their Irish coffee. It was so good and unforgettable. 

Though the trip was short, I loved Ireland and miss it at least four times a day. I can't wait to go back again and again and again. I knew I would like Ireland but I never knew I would fall in love. Enjoy some pictures of my stay. Also below you will find proof of my love for Ireland through a series of tweets that date back to three years.

As the Irish would say, sláinte (cheers). 


Guinness Storehouse


The Stags Head


Dublin Castle


Liffey River


Malahide Castle and Howth

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