It Is Okay To Feel

I watched Inside Out for the first time and I am full of emotions which means my system/headquarter is working (get it). The movie came out about 5 months ago so I am pretty late to the party. The hype has settled. Regardless, I loved it. 

The movie captures the journey of Riley as she grows up, focusing on her emotions and how they work (#behindthescenes). From the beginning we see joy, the most important emotion, quickly followed by sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. (Can I just say, disgust is my favorite)
Riley is shown making memories with her family, friends, and the hobbies she loves. Behind the scene and inside of her mind we are shown the various emotions getting to work and categorizing each memory, making sure they are placed in the correct spots. Riley also has personality islands; sections that are important in her daily life (family, honesty, friendship, hockey, and goofy). Everything is fine and then she turns 11. Her family decides to move from Minnesota to the high roads of San Fransisco California where things quickly go wrong. They get to their new home which feels like everything but a home, their moving truck is delayed, which is then followed by bad days in her new school (she cries on her first day) (uh oh). 

Everything seems to be going wrong so her emotions do what you would expect.. they try to make her happy though it is harder said than done. Joy, especially, does her best to try and fix what Riley is feeling but her other emotions, like anger and disgust interfere constantly. One emotion in particular, sadness, starts to be seen more. If I moved to a completely new place with no friends and an empty house I would feel pretty sad, very sad. But joy pushes sadness away. One thing leads to another and joy and sadness end up in Riley's everyday memories and not in headquarters (Riley's main memory chamber). Sadness and joy do everything to get back and save the whirlwind being done by disgust, anger, and fear. As the movie goes on Riley decides to run away from her new home and go back to Minnesota; the place where she created and maintained some of her best memories. Long story short - joy and sadness end up finding their way back to headquarters and well, they save the day. 


To say I did not shed tears during the movie would be nothing more than a lie. The message was powerful.
Throughout the movie joy was seen as the main emotion and the emotion that needed to fix everything so that Riley could be nothing but happy. Joy pushed sadness away constantly, along with the other emotions. She bottled everything inside until her emotions prompted her to do something dangerous like run away because at the end of the day, running away was better than expressing any other feelings. But as we see later on, happiness cannot occur without a little bit of pain. That's how joy and sadness get back to Riley’s system, by working together. Once they are back with the other emotions, Riley comes back home where she shares her unhappiness with her parents. They comfort her and let her know that it is okay. That's the important message. 


There are several people who do not share the way they are feeling because they are afraid. Some people have to be happy to be strong for themselves or others and they do not allow themselves to feel anything else. But hey, feeling is important and normal. Crying is normal. Being scared is normal. Doing things to be safe is normal. Feeling angry is normal. It is normal to feel. Let yourself feel. Own it. Make those emotions yours because they are. 

You are a kaleidoscope of one thousand+ emotions. You are beautiful, complicated, and unique. Yes, it is hard to manage but possible if you allow yourself to see the color.

This week in the midst of midterm exams and my 21 birthday, my laptop broke along with files and media that were important to me. There was nothing more I wanted to do than cry in the corner of my bedroom but I couldn't. I did not let myself because I had things to do that needed to get done. I had to rewrite an 8 page research design that was due the next morning and because I write my notes online, I was left trying to accumulate notes for the two classes I have midterm exams for next week. After watching the film tonight and realizing that Riley was only trying to be happy for everyone and not herself, I broke into tears. I saw Riley in myself. I am over-my-head and I know it. I also know it is okay to feel this way because of the stress. At the end of the day, I'll be fine. What I am feeling is temporary and it is okay. 

Let yourself feel. It is important + normal. Also, watch Inside Out if you haven’t. Please.

Above right: Amy Poehler as joy
Above left: Mindy Kaling as disgust aka my fav

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