Places To Go: Kean Coffee

As part of several adventures my friends and I have this summer, we decided to discover various coffeeshops around our city. For our first coffeeshop we discovered Kean Coffee located in Newport Beach CA. Kean Coffee is also located a couple of miles away in Tustin CA. The experience was lovely. 

Coffee House Vibe - 10/10 

Kean Coffee felt like a coffeeshop. They had an abundance of customers; some writing and others having conversations. They had a large amount of seating, indoors and outside. The vibe was beautiful. This is a place I would love to sit and write. The coffeeshop vibe was there and it was beautiful. 

Customer Service - 6/10

The three/four  baristas were great. There was no line when we arrived and we were given our coffee very quickly which is always amazing. I personally think the baristas  could have been a little more kind, or at least the one that attended us. She seemed very blank. She did not ask  basic questions like, "Is it for here or to go?" Maybe it was a long day which is understandable but unlike me, others may not understand. 

Coffee Taste - 7/10 

My friends and I are avid coffee drinkers and have drank a variety of coffee. Kean Coffee was great. I ordered a Hot White Chocolate mocha. I'm not sure if this was on purpose but the coffee had a faint taste of raspberry, which I loved. It was very delectable and smooth. One of my friends ordered a café mocha. She rated  it a 7/10. She believed it was too watery and not strong. 

Location & Values - 10/10

The location was great. It is only a couple of miles away from the beach and around several stores. The parking was pretty large. What I really loved about Kean Coffee was the coffeeshops values. As stated in their website, "to contribute to protecting our earth’s resources and reducing waste in landfills, [their] plastic cold drink cups are made of a biodegradable plastic-alternative made from corn. [Their] java jackets are made from recycled paper. [They] encourage [their] regular customers to keep their favorite mugs with [them], which [they] keep washed and ready for their use, to cut down on paper waste. [They] recycle ALL of [their] plastic milk jugs (and believe us, it's a lot!) and all newspapers left at the coffeehouse. Virtually all of [their] spent coffee grounds are saved and happily picked up by [their] guests who use them as wonderful amendment for the soil in their gardens". Gold stars for that, of course. 


You can find Kean Coffee at 2043 Westcliff Dr #100, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Give them a call at (949) 642-5326.

You can also follow them virtually on:

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P.S. they have an amazing Instagram. 

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