I love talking so I thought I would do something a little different and talk to you. 
Lets have a conversation about what's been going on with my blog, living life in London and finding a balance between being alone and with others. Also, I'm not a podcast owner so this talk is very raw and real. My hope was really to have a conversation with you. This wasn't something I had written down, ready to read. These are thoughts that came to me as I spoke and I hope you enjoy them. 

How have you been lately? Let me know down below. 

The beautiful Tyler Feder, drew this image of me this past week. This past week has been a heavy week for a lot of people in the United States (and all over the world really) with the recent stress and fear that came from the election outcome. To help spread kindness and love, Tyler decided to use her talent and draw some portraits of marginalized people using the hashtag #drawmetyler. This project is still continuing. Follow Tyler and her amazing heart on Instagram and Twitter

Tyler, also known as roaringsoftly, is an illustrator who has an Etsy shop were she sells some of her artwork for you to purchase. You can check out her work here


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