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I fall in love with something or someone everyday. I recently fell in love with a little musician from Bristol known as George Ezra or as he jokingly likes to call himself "The one and only, Mr Legs aka Young Geoff". George is not so little anymore. He has been touring on and off, opening for artists like Sam Smith and Hozier . He recently announced a US tour.  I will be seeing him in LA. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I am over-the-moon ready. 


George is a 21 year old singer-songwriter that was born in England. He began his musical career while attending the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. 

When he was 19, George took a month long trip around Europe. This journey would later inspire his first debut album, Wanted on Voyage. It was during this trip that George traveled, met new individuals, and listened to various conversations. These conversations and experiences would soon be turned into songs. "I liked the idea of people listening to a record that I wrote while I traveled while they traveled and wanted it on their journey," Ezra said in an interview done by NPR. His album debuted #1 on UK charts and has since then  been nominated for various awards, including 4 Brits. .  

George has a very singular and unique voice. I'd describe it as very deep and dreamy. James Cordon who is the host of the new The Late Late Show says, "You think you're ­listening to a much older person but he's so young and handsome. I don't think anyone hears it and says, 'I don't care for this.' The difference is whether you like it or love it". 


Four Favourite Songs: 

1. Listen to The Man 

Aside from having the most adorable video ever, this song is so uplifting and light. I listen to it and think about surrounding myself with people who care for me. It reminds me to listen to those individuals instead of those who bring negativity into our lives. I listen to it and think about love, about surrounding each other with that and only that. 

"Your world keeps spinning and you can’t jump off but I will catch you if you fall, I can’t tell you enough." 

2. Barcelona

This song makes me want to travel, so badly. The whole album makes me want to travel actually but this song does that a little bit more. For someone that have never actually been to Barcelona, I can see myself strolling around with this on my headphones. 

"Barcelona, I still long to hold her once more. My boots of leather from Europe I gather, you know."

3. Blame It on Me 

This song, to me, speaks about a relationship that involves two very stubborn individuals. There really is nothing else to it. 

"We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made. We found ourselves some treasure, and threw it all away." 

4. Stand By Your Gun  

This is such a feel good song. You make mistakes, you stand by them, and you learn. You move on because there is nothing else you can do. 

"Take a chance, take our words. We fall down, we go there, we go anywhere."


George is so young and is only getting started. I am so excited to see what is next. 

Also, George just did a little traveling over his break (you can view images on his Instagram linked below). New album? I hope so


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I'll leave you with one of my favourite performances. Look at those moves! 

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