Living A Little Better

Confidence is something I have never lacked and I am in love with this.  

However, I have recently begun to feel uncomfortable with little things about myself and that is something that scares me while I am also able to understand that it is normal. Because I am an open person and because I document parts of my life online, I decided to share just a little about this but share more than a little on what I plan to do to. 

Feeling uncomfortable might literally be the worst. Keep in mind that although there are times I do not feel comfortable in my "skin", that does not mean that I hate any part of myself because I don't. Feeling uncomfortable and hate are two very distinct feelings. Although I feel meh at the moment, I continue to love myself.. just as I have for the past twenty something years. This is also not a new feeling. This feeling can happen several times during your life, it certainly has during mine. Just know that you are not the only person dealing with this. This feeling is such an intimate feeling, you kind of have to remind yourself that there are people who do not share. 

While this little funk in my life fades, I have decided to start doing a couple of things for myself to better this feeling. My main goal and aspiration in life is to live beautifully. It is something I feel oh so very strongly about. Because of this I have decided to: 


  • Start moving a little bit more. Although I walk a lot, and I do mean a lot, while on campus (going to different classes, meetings, and work) this does not substitute for the regular amount of times one should have as a way of exercise. To fix this, I will be walking/jogging/laughing/loving with a friend around the city. 
  • Start eating a little bit more healthier. I have such a busy schedule this quarter and although it makes it hard, it is not an excuse to unbalance the amount of healthy foods I should be eating. To fix this, I will be preparing my foods the night before I have a busy day. This will make it easier to grab and go. In addition to this I will also be saving dinero (money). I won't have to spend as much as I would while dinning out. Although my ultimate goal is not to cut certain foods, I do want to implement more greens and vegetables in my diet. 
  • Start turning these things into habits. They say it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit. I wouldn't know because I'm impatient and haven't made it to the 10 day mark. Turning such things as walking and eating healthy into something I do daily will be hard but I am determined. I want this. I know, I know that there will be temptations and that there will be times that I fall into these temptations and that there will be times that I completely ignore the temptations and determinations, I will eventually get there. Its only 21 days, right? Lets just say 3 weeks, it makes it seem a little bit more doable.
  • Inspire others. While I work on inspiring myself, I hope to inspire others. This may be friends who are willing to join me or beautiful people like you. 
  • Document it all (or most of it). Because I am someone who like to share parts of my life with others, I want to record my journey while I better myself and this feeling. Although I am not certain in what way, I want to keep you updated. I also want this as a form of showing myself the progress that will be made. 


Though this feeling sucks, I am excited about the things I will be doing to "do away" with it. 

One of my favourite authors (Cheryl Strayed) said, “Whatever happens to you belongs to you. Make it yours. Feed it to yourself even if it feels impossible to swallow. Let it nurture you, because it will.” I am ready to let this experience nurture me. I am excited to grow. 


What are some ways you've bettered yourself? Lets talk below.

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