Looking Forward

Let's talk about looking forward and why it's important.

I'm currently writing this as I sit at work which is pretty slow due to it being summer and every university student either being home or asleep. While I sit and help students as they come and go I can't help but think of all the exciting things that are happening in the coming weeks. Just as I imagine, I believe that there are also exciting things waiting to happen to you. It may be a week, month, or year from today. They will happen and when they do, you will be overwhelmed with happiness, maybe a little bit of nervousness, but happiness nonetheless. Having some event or experience to look forward to is so important. It is important because it keeps you holding on; you know that there is only so much left to go to get to that date. 

Walt Disney said, We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." New paths are exciting and so is life. 

I am be looking forward to my second One Direction concert in 9 days. That is the event that will keep me going through the week. After that I'll look for another reason. 


Happy holding on. 

What are some events you're looking forward to?

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