Green Aloe Vera Juice

As I was laying in bed last night, drinking an aloe juice I bought at the grocery store and binge watching The Mindy Project (my holy grail) it occurred to me to take a look at the ingredients and nutritional information on the back of the bottle. As expected, the bottle came as 6 servings with a large number of calories, sugar, and sodium each. So I said to myself, "Why don't I make this juice myself?" 

Aloe Vera is magical in my family. Every aunt and uncle has a plant in their yard. My mother too. The health benefits of aloe vera are ridiculously full of amazement. When consumed the plant detoxifies, supports the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, is good for digestion, and is an easy boost for your vitamin and mineral intake. 
When I was younger and would cut or burn my finger, my grandmother used to go out to the garden, chop off a small portion of the aloe vera stem, cut into it, and put the slimy substance on the wound. It was soothing healing magic.

After a good 3 AM search on YouTube and Google for aloe juice recipes, I woke up this morning and decided to create my own. I am very happy I did. 

Here's what you'll need: 
handful of spinach
2 oranges  
sprinkle of cinnamon

teaspoon of flax seeds
stem of aloe vera

half a cup of water

You can be as creative as you'd like when making green juices. Add a bit of frozen berries, some pineapple, kale. Go bananas (you can add that too). 

Lets get started:


Begin by thoroughly washing your stem of aloe vera.

Because it is a plant that lives outside and grows on dirt, the stem may contain dirt itself or other forms of wild nature.

When cut, the aloe vera stem will bleed a yellow color. The green outer rind and yellow gel are the things you do not want to eat. The outer green rind contains aloin and we don't want to consume that. If consumed, the aloin may cause abdominal pains or cramps. Now noted, it is good to add that these effects are very uncommon which is why rinsing is very important. 

Cut the sharp sides and between the outer green rind to find the clear gel substance inside.
Warning: it will be very sticky, no surprise, it's the gel. Yum! The gel alone is very bitter which is why we will be incorporating all the other fruits and vegetables. To make your juice a bit sweeter, feel free to add a form of sugar. I would use Truvia, a sweetener made from stevia leaves. 

Once you have the clear aloe gel, rinse in a bowl of water. Again, the aloe vera will be very sticky. Do not wash until the gel disappears because it will never disappear.


Now that you've got your aloe vera gel, grab your remaining ingredients and be ready to blend.  I've opted to use the nutribullet. 

Add your handful of spinach to the blender.
The aloe vera next. 
Squeeze the juice of 1 1/2 oranges. 
Add the remaining orange (1/2) whole, excluding the peel. Oranges are an amazing source of calcium! 
Incorporate your water. 
Add your flax seeds. Flax seeds are amazing for your body and self. They reduce hypertension, skin cancer, depression, liver disease, cholesterol, and prostate cancer. You definitely want to incorporate flax seeds in your diet. 
Sprinkle your cinnamon. Cinnamon is good for lowering blood sugar levels and reducing heart disease. 

Get ready to blend.. 



A goal I have for 2016 is to better myself, health included. This is something I'll be making more of. Oh how I love green juices!

Always remember that too much of something can be bad for your body. Portions are important. Foods are good when consumed in equal and small amounts. 

Feel free to tweet, message, or email me if you make the juice. I'd love to see pictures. 
Again, remember to be as creative + fun when making the juice. 


Happy blending. 

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