Places To Go: Portola Coffee Lab

I've had good coffee and I've had bad coffee. Portola Coffee Lab has good coffee. It has great coffee in fact. My friends and I went to explore Portola Coffee Lab, which only opened their Tustin location three weeks ago, on Saturday afternoon. It was our first time and it was lovely. Portola Coffee Lab was named Roaster of the Year for 2015. Good coffee gets names Roaster of the Year. 


Coffee House Vibe - 8/10 

Not only was this coffee house beautifully decorated, it also had such a great vibe. There were people studying, talking, laughing, and loving. It was very relaxing and an easy place to hold a conversation. 

Customer Service - 10/10

There were two baristas, one taking the orders and preparing the coffee and the other handing the coffee and charging your order. They were both so helpful. They held a conversation throughout the whole process and were extremely kind. I really enjoyed that they both took their time and were not rushed. It was quick while not being extensively long. 

Mocha Taste - 10/10 

I ordered the Mocha hot drink and it was delicious. The texture was thick and full of flavor. The chocolate and coffee blended so perfectly. Though this was only my first drink and my first time, I fell in love instantly. And look at that beautiful coffee art #love. 

Location - 8/10

Portola Coffe Lab is located inside the Union Market which is inside The District in Tustin California. It is located around other small businesses. I loved being able to drink coffee and look around different stores after. 


You can find Portola Coffee Lab at 2493 Park Ave. Tustin, California 92782. Give them a call at (949) 284 - 0596 

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