Things I Should Stop Doing

I love doing things I should not do. This is something that we  all do. As said on House of Cards, “If we never did the things we shouldn’t do, we’d never feel good about doing the things we should.” Lets list a couple of things I love doing that I should stop doing:


1. Complaining 

I complain, a lot. This is no surprise to me. I do it without knowing and intentionally. I complain about not finding what to wear in the morning. I complain about not having enough money on my Starbucks card to get a venti iced coffee. I complain about Zayn leaving One Direction and it's been 3 months. I complain and I should stop. I should stop because I have more than others and although it is true that I have less as well, I am blessed. 

2. Acting Like Kim 

According to more than four of my friends, I act like Kim Kardashian, a lot. Maybe it's the sense of openness and confidence I have (its true) or maybe it's because I've watched enough Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes to know how to imitate them. I love it but I should stop. I should stop because I probably say "honestly you're being so rude" and "I cannot even" twenty times a day and because the person I'm saying it to is not rude and I can even. 

3. Eating Out 

Last quarter of university I spent the most amount of money I have spent on food in the history of ever. Of course, this money was spent on food that was already cooked rather than on food that was made to cook. It was a whole four months of nonstop busyness. I had classes, work, internships, research, and writing to do. I was tired and I loved food. Eating out was something I did often. It is bad and I should stop. To be quite honest, it has stopped. Now that I'm on summer break and the only obligation I have to attend to is myself, my writing, and my job everything is easier to handle. This also means more time to cook all the yummy healthy green food I can get my hands on. 

4. Being Ungrateful 

I appreciate everything and everyone that I have crossed paths with in my lifetime; the good and the bad. I am a firm believer that the different experiences and individuals you meet shape who you are. They are all small pieces that are connecting to make the bigger puzzle, you. Although I am oh so very grateful, I am aware that I do not show it and that has to stop. It has to stop because I am grateful and because I want these people/experiences to know it. I want to embrace them. 

5. Comparing Myself To Others

This is something I do more than I'd like to admit. It is so hard to stop. It is even harder when you are surrounded by beautiful people everywhere you go. Comparing myself to others is not okay for myself and I need to stop. I need to stop because as I have now learned (and continue to learn for that matter), I am a goddess (cue Kim voice) and so are you. Self love is a lifelong learning process but what we all learn at the end is that we are capable and able of being our most beautiful selves, a self that is unique and not like others. 

6. Stop Growing (not literally)

I can't grow anymore, that is what my mother tells me. According to her and the millions of myths told to her by our family, we stop growing before we are 18 and well.. I am way past that. I will continue to grow in age and as I grow I have realized that I continue to lose the sense of wonder I had when I was younger. This is bad and I should stop. I should stop because holding on to my childhood is imperative to my life now. The world is a big scary place and it will be the fairytales and happily ever afters I believed in when I was younger that will keep me sane and that will keep me safe. What will I learn from Cinderella, Meet the Robinsons, and Finding Nemo? I don't know but I'll continue to believe that somethings in life may never fit and that some will. I will learn that although things may be out of reach, they are never not possible. And I will learn that although life gets hard, I have no other choice but to keep swimming


In reality, I am probably not going to stop (soon anyways). You know what they say, bad habits die hard. I am however certain of one thing, I will try my hardest to fix these because life is beautiful. While you're at it, make sure you check out  8 things you should be saying more often


What are some things you should stop doing? Let me know below! 

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