Latest Clinique Favourites

Latest Clinique Favourites

Clinique was giving a beautiful gift last weekend with the purchase of an item. The gift included a large and small LULU DK makeup bag and a couple of Clinique goodies. I was in love so I had to get it but before I could, I had to choose something to buy. Asking me to pick an item at Clinique is like asking a child to pick something from their favourite toy store, there are just so many things to buy and I want them all. 

After looking around with my sister and cousin, we were helped by a Clinique specialist named Erica. She sat us down and spoke to us about each product that caught our attention. Honestly, the person who helps you in situations like these (like Erica) play such an imperative role in your overall experience. Erica was so kind and patient regardless of the fact that it was a busy Sunday. 

I am so in love with every Clinique product I have used before and have started to use recently. Lets talk about them below, shall we?


Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

The Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer are a 2 in 1 and it is amazing. It works on all skin types. Speaking personally, it is amazing on oily skin. It is full coverage foundation and not much is needed to get those results. Because it is full coverage, I was very afraid that it would be heavy but it is so lightweight. The Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer also gives a matte finish which works even better for my skin (and any skin really). It gives such a flawless look. This may honestly be my favourite foundation ever. 

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I am a fan Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and have been for the past year in a half. It is an incredible moisturizer that is not a lotion but a gel. This works perfectly with my oily skin. When I use moisturizers that are lotion based, my skin tends to get more oily and it may possibly be one of the worst things things. Since this is a gel, it is easy and smooth to spread around my face. A little truly does go a long way. It hydrates my skin so beautifully. I am in love, in love, in love. I wear this before starting and ending my day.

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

The Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturizer does just what the DDMG (above) does but helps more with hydrating the skin. I have used Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief twice now and have loved it both times. It is very easy to spread, smells delicious, and feels very fresh. 

Lulu DK

The gift included a set of a dark blush and three brown shadows. I am so in love with these and can't wait to use them during spring. I have a dark complexion and am a big fan of nude and brown colors. This small palette that was chosen by LULU DK is perfect. The dark blush is even better- love.  



Whats your favourite Clinique product? Lets talk. 

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